Sunday, 25 November 2012


With my thrill levels of anticipation rising pending the arrival of my first Kickstarter miniatures I decided to re-visit some old 2000AD progs and having re-read the Marauder series that appeared in 2009 I decided that I had to have a Maruader model, even if Mongoose didn't produce one (and given the character's sole series 12 episode run are unlikely to).

If you are unfamiliar with Marauder, it is the story of orphaned Danny Falcone who is expelled from the Academy of Law in 2134AD and returns to Sector 13 to wreak vengeance on the corrupt Judges who killed his mother.

Equipped with a unique looking Hellbender Armour suit with stealth technology and an array of weapons, Falcone is certainly a distinctive looking character.

To produce the model I took a Heroclix DC Super-Adaptoid, removed the click base, smoothed the facial detail and added some of the raised detail using Liquid Green Stuff before painting.

Painting was starightforward using Sephia wash over red before addng the green line details. I think I probably spent more time on the industrial base which I picked up of eBay a couple of years back.

Overall I'm quite pleased with the result, now to devise some stats and rules for him...

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