Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Five Years Of Dredd For A Tenner!

As part of their Kindle Fire sale, Amazon are currently offering the Kindle e-book editions of the first five Judge Dredd Case Files, covering such classic stories as The Cursed Earth, The Day The Law Died, The Judge Child, Block Mania and The Apocalypse War amongst many, for £1.89.

They can be read on the iPad (using the appropriate free app) as well as the Kindle Fire.

America, Origins and The Pit are also available at these criminally cheap prices.

Obviously the Justice Department has contacted the authorities in Brit-Cit as the sale ends tomorrow night, so if you want to grab a bargain, get over to Amazon UK now!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Judge Minty Now Showing...

For all that the Karl Urban Dredd movie was a good film it is impossible to deny that the uniforms looked wrong, the vehicles looked wrong, MGC-1 looked wrong, even the bad language was wrong. All the more frustrating when you watch the fan made Judge Minty film and see how all those things could have been done right with minimal effort...