Monday, 26 November 2012

Female Wally Squad Judge...

I've had this miniature sat around unpainted for a number of years now, IIRC she is a Shia Khan Infiltrator from Alternative Armies.

Initially I thought she would make an ideal model for The Stainless Steel Rat's beautiful psychopath Angelina but I was never quite happy with the face so decided she could do duty as a Wally Squad undercover Judge (or bodyguard or generic female ganger with gun).

I slightly converted the figure by adding a miniskirt, the original miniature as skin tight trousers but that was about it, aside from removing the integral base and mounting it on a resin industrial one.

I tried the keep the colours quite bright in keeping with the background and this provides a good contrast to the grubby base. I especially enjoyed painting the hair pink!

Next on the painting table are some Judges, I just need to do some research into getting a good effect on the metallics...

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