Monday, 26 November 2012

Female Wally Squad Judge...

I've had this miniature sat around unpainted for a number of years now, IIRC she is a Shia Khan Infiltrator from Alternative Armies.

Initially I thought she would make an ideal model for The Stainless Steel Rat's beautiful psychopath Angelina but I was never quite happy with the face so decided she could do duty as a Wally Squad undercover Judge (or bodyguard or generic female ganger with gun).

I slightly converted the figure by adding a miniskirt, the original miniature as skin tight trousers but that was about it, aside from removing the integral base and mounting it on a resin industrial one.

I tried the keep the colours quite bright in keeping with the background and this provides a good contrast to the grubby base. I especially enjoyed painting the hair pink!

Next on the painting table are some Judges, I just need to do some research into getting a good effect on the metallics...

Sunday, 25 November 2012


With my thrill levels of anticipation rising pending the arrival of my first Kickstarter miniatures I decided to re-visit some old 2000AD progs and having re-read the Marauder series that appeared in 2009 I decided that I had to have a Maruader model, even if Mongoose didn't produce one (and given the character's sole series 12 episode run are unlikely to).

If you are unfamiliar with Marauder, it is the story of orphaned Danny Falcone who is expelled from the Academy of Law in 2134AD and returns to Sector 13 to wreak vengeance on the corrupt Judges who killed his mother.

Equipped with a unique looking Hellbender Armour suit with stealth technology and an array of weapons, Falcone is certainly a distinctive looking character.

To produce the model I took a Heroclix DC Super-Adaptoid, removed the click base, smoothed the facial detail and added some of the raised detail using Liquid Green Stuff before painting.

Painting was starightforward using Sephia wash over red before addng the green line details. I think I probably spent more time on the industrial base which I picked up of eBay a couple of years back.

Overall I'm quite pleased with the result, now to devise some stats and rules for him...

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Mega Bases...

I was looking for some inspiration for paint schemes for some resin industrial bases I have mounted my first figures on and came across this excellent DIY piece which I thought I'd share.

Whilst these bases have designed for 40K miniatures, the idea is simple enough to use in Mega-City One...

Friday, 23 November 2012

A Big Box Arrives...

Having been working away in Euro-Cit over the last few days I came back to find the postie had delivered a box box of goodies from Mongoose. Inside were a six of the boxsets and all the singles I ordered under the Kickstarter. Now I have to find some time to paint it all! :-)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Minty The Movie!

It seems that not only has Mega-City's greatest lawman had his own film this year but also Long Walk veteran Judge Minty (yes, him of charity fame below). There are some limited cinema showings on now, so if you get the chance check it out and report back. The trailer looks pretty good...

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bringing Charity To The Cursed Earth...

You may have seen that the Frother's UK 4th Charity Thingy has an excellent model of Judge Minty (a judge who took The Long Walk early in 2000AD history) as its donation reward.

To get hold of this excellent model you need to make a donation through Just Giving to either:

MS Society or Cancer Research.

Then send an e-mail to charitymini(at)gmail(dot)com with;:

1. Your Name
2. The address you want the mini sent to
3. Your Just Giving reference number
4. Your preference as to Metal or Trollcast or both

More details can be found here.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Judge Dredd RPG

As part of the Kickstarter, Mongoose said they'd include a PDF edition of their Judge Dredd RPG which has just turned up. At 274 pages I may be gone some time... :-)