Sunday, 28 October 2012

Judge Dredd Year One: City Fathers

I've just finished reading Judge Dredd Year One: City Fathers an e-book novella written by Matthew Smith and published by 2000AD Books

The first is a new series of stories set in 2080AD, Dredd's first year as a Judge, it was an entertaining read, notably noir in places. The plot starts off as a seemingly straight forward case of investigating the gang murder of a Justice Department informant before expanding into something more sinister as the bodycount starts to rise. 

Overall it was a good read, a couple of quirks, notably the portrayal of clone brother Rico but nothing that can't be lived with.

From a gaming point of view that isn't a great deal in it, though a raid on a known narcotics club and the end act at the spaceport have potential. 

The raid to capture a suspect whilst confronted by random gangers who may or may not take on the Judges could prove unpredictable fun, whilst trying to capture the perps at a busy spaceport before they escape could make for a great time limited scenario.

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